Audio for Telepresence


We are interested in investigating the area of how sound can augment the experience of telepresence. This means investigating the mechanisms that humans actually use to hear and implementing these in a practical system. Several approaches are possible using different microphone techniques and we are in the process of investigating these.

There is also the question of sensory interaction between the hearing sense and the vision and head motion mechanisms that have already been implemented on the Strathclyde series of telepresence heads. The importance of audio on perception is one that we are also researching.

Possible applications of Audio for telepresence include any in which a heightened sense of "being there" is required. This includes surveillance applications for Remote Reconnaissance, Construction Monitoring or work in Hostile environments such as the Nuclear industry. Entertainment and virtual tourism are applications where sound can also play an important part. We have built a preliminary test system which incorporates many of the human sound localisation mechanisms and have demonstrated some of the features in the laboratory.

Colin Harrison

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Last Modified: 16 August 2003