Publications: Colin S. Harrison


M. Grant, C. Harrison, B. Conway, The development of a wheelchair simulator to determine qualitative and quantitative performance metrics, Assistive Technology Journal (Special Issue) on "Space Requirements for Wheeled Mobility". (2004 In Press)

P.M.Grant, C.S.Harrison, B.A.Conway, Wheelchair Simulation, Cambridge Workshop on Universal Access and Assistive Technology (CWUAAT) Cambridge, 22-24 March 2004, Proceedings of CWUAAT .

C.S.Harrison, P.M.Grant, B.A.Conway,(2005) Haptic Interfaces for Wheelchair Navigation in the Built EnvironmentMIT Journal Presence: Teleoperators and Virtual Environments, MIT Press, October 2004, Volume 13, Issue5,  pp520-534. Video material of elements of the wheelchair VR project is available at   

The above MIT Journal paper has also been selected for publication in the e-journal "Presence-Connect" (in progress - lead author Dr P.M. Grant).  A version also appears at 

P.M.Grant, B.A.Conway, C.S.Harrison, (2003) , VR in the Service of People with Special Needs, Include 2003 Conference: The practice of inclusive design,( 25-28 March 2003) Royal College of Art, London,

Maver T., Harrison C.S., Grant P.M. Virtual Environments for Special Needs, CAAD Futures 2001, Eindhoven, BAUKE, Debeers, Jaleeween, Henry Achter, Klewer Academic Press ISBN 0792370236

C.S.Harrison, P.M.Dall, P.M.Grant, M.H.Granat, T.W.Maver, B.A.Conway,(2000), Development of a wheelchair virtual reality platform for use in evaluating wheelchair accessThe Third International Conference on Disability, Virtual Reality and Associated Technologies. 23rd - 25th September, 2000 Alghero, Sardinia, Italy. 

This paper was also accepted for the International Journal for Virtual Reality Research however the journal ceased prior to publication of the article.

(Acknowledged contribution) Gordon M Mair,(1999), Transparent Telepresence Research, Industrial Robot: An International Journal, Volume 26, Number 3, p209-215. General review of TTRG research in 1999. Additional acknowledged contributions by J Clarke, T Khalil, K Revie, R Hardiman of TTRG.

C.S.Harrison, Gordon M. Mair, (1999), Mechatronics Applied to Auditory Localisation for Telepresence, Mechatronics Journal, Volume9,  p803 816. (specially selected from Skovde conference)

C.S.Harrison, Gordon M. Mair, (1998), A Mechatronic Approach to Auditory Localisation for Transparent Telepresence; ; Proceedings of Mechatronics '98, pp 817 - 822; Skovde, Sweden, 9-11 September 1998, ISBN 0-08-040009-1, (IEE, IMechE sponsored).

C.S.Harrison, K.K.B. Hon, (1991), Simulation of the effects of uncertainty and its effects on production planning lead times, 6th International Conference on Computer Aided Production Engineering, December 1991, University of Edinburgh.

C.S.Harrison, B. Makin,  (1988), A Practical Approach to CIM systems design, 4th International conference on Computer Aided Production Engineering, November 1988, Mechanical Engineering Publications, pp 91-99.


Member of review committee for International Conference on Disability, Virtual Reality and Associated Technology. (ICDVRAT Oct 2004)

Reviewer: Journal of Systems and Control Engineering, Institution of Mechanical Engineers Journal, PEP. 

Other Unpublished Material

The Use of Immersive Telepresence and VR for Remotely Operated Vehicles - A feasibility study for Shell UK (Exploration and Production)
with Gordon Mair, K Revie. June 98 - included in depth interviews at The Underwater Centre (Fort William) ROV training, and  visit to Slingsby Engineering, detailed interviews and literature survey.(60pp) 1998.

Requirements for Computer Integrated Manufacture for WL Gore, University of Dundee (Spin out company),  (Stage I & II) approx 150pp each. 1988

Manual on Manufacturing Systems Simulation for NCR Dundee, University of Dundee (Spin out company), Includes several internal case studies and a literature survey, approx 200pp. 1989. Included visits to University of Strathclyde, Warwick, Edinburgh and Napier.

Requirements for Computer Integrated Manufacture in the PCB Manufacturing area for NCR Dundee, Includes IDEF0, IDEF1 model, approx 110pp. University of Dundee 1987.


Patent Applications/Prizes

Patent Application : No 0307077.8, Relates to 3D viewing system, jointly with G.Mair, S.Mason, S.McKay. (University of Strathclyde)
This work has been selected for commercialisation by a spin-out company,  IRIS 3-D and is in progress towards a full Patent (UK).

Patent Application : No 0223485.4 , Non Flat Mirrors Relates to Novel  mirror manufacturing process, jointly with G.Mair, S.Mason, S.McKay. (University of Strathclyde)  

Mechanical Engineering Innovation In Research Prize jointly with G.Mair, S.Mason, S.McKay. (University of Strathclyde)

Research Presentation Day Prize 1999 (University of Strathclyde)

FJ McGrigor Prize for Engineering 1980 (University of Aberdeen)



Taught Courses:

Introduction to Engineering (1st year)
(Mechanical Engineering, University of Dundee)

Computer Aided Manufacture/Computer Aided Design (3rd year)
(Mechanical Engineering, University of Dundee)

Manufacturing Systems Simulation (M.Sc. Level)
(Mechanical Engineering, University of Dundee)


Robotics Laboratory 2nd year 
(Mechanical Engineering, University of Dundee)

Computer Aided Manufacture 3rd year Laboratory
(Mechanical Engineering, University of Dundee)

Discrete Event Simulation 3rd year undergraduate B.Eng and  M.Sc. level
(Mechanical Engineering & Electronics Manufacture University of Dundee)

Programmable Integrated Circuit (PIC) programming using Assembler 2nd year
(Design Manufacture & Engineering Management, University of Strathclyde)

Craft & Design Supervision
(Jordanhill B.Ed Technical Education, University of Strathclyde)