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I am the founder and Director of the Transparent Telepresence Research Group and a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Design, Manufacture, and Engineering Management. My main research interest is in what I call Total Transparent Telepresence System Design. This implies a consideration of all aspects of such systems - physical, psychophysical, economic, and commercial - and optimising them for practical use. This is obviously a unique interest since I do not believe there are any commercial Transparent Telepresence systems yet in existence! (Any reader of this who disagrees please enlighten me by sending me an e-mail). Some of the topics I teach and have taught include, Robotics and Automation, Design For Manufacture, Ergonomics, Industrial Engineering including Planning and Work Study, Introduction to Manufacture, Quality Management, Investment Appraisal, and Manufacturing Technology.

As well as the publications mentioned elsewhere at this site, I have written two text books - "Industrial Robotics ", 1988, Prentice Hall International, and "Mastering Manufacturing" 1993, Macmillan (this has also been translated into Mandarin), and I have contributed chapters to Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineer's reference books. Since 1980 my interests in robotics and automation have been fulfilled through teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate level in the University, invited in-house courses for industry, industrial consultancy, and research.

Here follows a "fast forward" of my career from 1966; the industrial experience was in a variety of light to heavy engineering companies involved in mechanical, electromechanical and electronic product manufacture. Apprentice press toolmaker, HNC. Toolmaker. Design Engineer. Planning Engineer. Full time student - BSc Hon's Production Engineering and Management University of Strathclyde 1975. Nuclear pump manufacturing supervisor. Chartered Engineer. (MIEE) 1976, Diploma in Management Studies. (MIMgt.) Production Manager (responsible for a workforce of 600), Manufacturing Manager. Lecturer then Senior Lecturer University of Strathclyde 1980 - Present . More details available on request!

email: g.m.mair@strath.ac.uk