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Group Resources

The core Transparent Telepresence Research Group researchers are located in a dedicated and recently renovated 100 square metre laboratory. A wide range of powerful and up to date PC based computing equipment is available. Most of this has been specified and built by the researchers and can therefore be updated by them on an ongoing basis. Desktop, laptop, sub-notepad, and special PC/104 based systems are all available. Three head mounted displays are available, Virtual Reality V8, General Reality, and Virtual iO glasses. Tracking systems used are Polhemus and IsoTrak. A Lake DSP sound system plus associated audio equipment is used for our immersive Workshop Area (13389 bytes)sound research. Additionally a wide range of cameras, motors, and electronic components are available for prototype construction. Finally, of course, we have a number of complete stereo camera platform based telepresence systems built and in operational condition. The total equipment value in the Group is approximately 100,000. Our direct access to the DMEM machine shops and technicians is also an important resource and is essential for the manufacture of much of our specially designed equipment.

Indirect Resources

As a result of the collaboration with other groups and departments within the University the Group has access to a wide variety of facilities and expertise. For example the Virtual Environment Laboratory located within the Department of Architecture, The VR Research Group located in the Department of Civil Engineering, and the Strathclyde Compression Group located in the Department of Computer Science

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