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Newspaper and Magazine Reports

The Times, September 28th 1988, "Dials destined to change the world" Impact, March 1998, "Mobile virtual reality is combined with telepresence"

The Scotsman, 10th February 1998, "New robot develops a mind of its own". Real Time Graphics, Vol.6 No.5, Dec. 1997, "Remote VR head developed in Scotland". (This is a US based publication)

Engineering, Oct. 1997, Front cover illustration and work reported within article on robotics research in UK.

The Herald, 18th January 1997, "Get ahead in robotics".

The Sunday Times, 12th January 1997, "Robot head to beat bombs".

IEE News, 7th November 1996

Eureka on Compus, Autumn 1996

Daily Telegraph, 23rd April 1996

The Sunday Times, 3rd March 1996

The Daily Mail, 4th March 1996

Glasgow Herald, 16th March 1996

Times Higher Education Supplement, 16th March 1996

The Daily Record, 15th March 1996

The Scotsman, 12th March 1996

The Guardian, 27th April 1996

Scotland on Sunday, 14th August 1994

The Scotsman, 8th August 1994

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