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Gordon Mair

Director of the the Transparent Telepresence Research Group and senior lecturer in the department of Design, Manufacture, and Engineering Management. Qualified as a Chartered Engineer with a background in engineering design, manufacture and management. 

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Colin Harrison

I am a Research Fellow working within the TTRG presently writing up my PhD. I have a B.Sc.(Engineering Science) from the University of Aberdeen and an M.Sc.(Computer Integrated Manufacturing) from the University of Strathclyde as well as a variety of industrial experience. Whilst at Strathclyde I have worked on a range of fun projects including auditory localisation for telepresence, a wheelchair controlled force feedback virtual reality simulator and a 3D viewing system which all fall within the general remit of telepresence and VR. I have published a number of journal and conference papers on this work and also have two patents. Further details of my publications can be found on my personal page.

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Roger Hardiman

Graduated from the University of York with a MEng(Hons) in Computer Systems and Software Engineering. Spent 3 years working for Lucas Aerospace on the Engine Control Unit of Boeing 777 before joining the TTRG and the Dept. of Computer Science as a PhD Research Student. Interests are in visual aspects of Telepresence including cideo capture and compression, stereoscopic video compression, and display of 3D images. I am also interested in Embedded Real Time Systems.

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Jennifer Clark

Graduated from the University of Strathclyde with a degree in Computer Science, now studying for a PhD with the TTRG. Areas of interest include control and communications software programming and motion prediction for telepresence systems.

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Richard Fryer

Head of the SCT video compression team and senior lecturer in the department of Computer Science. Attendee of the ITU standards meetings, interests include ultra-low bandwidth video compression for real-time communication and Internet use. Director of Essential Viewing Systems (EVS), a company reponsible for industrial application and dissemination of SCT technology.

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Tamer Khalil

Graduated from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Zagazig University in Egypt with a BSc, followed by a Masters degree in industrial robotics. Now studying for a PhD with the TTRG. Areas of interest include mechatronics and control of remote robotic devices.

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