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Hybrid virtual reality and telepresence utilising mobile phone technology; G.Mair, J. Clark, R. Fryer, R. Hardiman, D. McGregor, A. Retik, N. Retik, K. Revie; Proceedings of SPIE, Telemanipulator and Telepresence Technologies V, Boston, Massachusetts, 4-5 November 1998. pp 60 - 70. ISSN 0277-786X, ISBN 0-8194-2985-6 (SPIE sponsored and SME endorsed).

A Mechatronic Approach to Auditory Localisation for Transparent Telepresence; Colin S. Harrison, Gordon M. Mair; Proceedings of Mechatronics '98, pp 817 - 822; Skovde, Sweden, 9-11 September 1998, ISBN 0-08-040009-1, (IEE, IMechE sponsored).

Integrated Telepresence, Virtual Reality, and Mobile Communications - A Project Report; G. Mair, J. Clark, R. Fryer, R. Hardiman, D. McGregor, A. Retik, N. Retik, K. Revie; Proceedings of Mechatronics '98, pp 805 - 810; Skovde, Sweden, 9-11 September 1998, ISBN 0-08-040009-1, (IEE, IMechE sponsored).

Mobile Hybrid Virtual Reality and Telepresence for Planning and Monitoring of Engineering Projects ; A. Retik, J. Clark, R. Fryer, R. Hardiman, D. Mcgregor, G. Mair, N. Retik, K. Revie. UKVRSIG '97, Proceedings of the 4th UK Virtual Reality Special Interest Group Conference, pp 80 - 89, 1 November 1997, Brunel University. ISBN 1-872166-64-4.

Integrating Virtual Reality and Telepresence to Remotely Monitor Construction Sites: a ViRTUE Project; Arkady Retik, Gordon Mair, Richard Fryer, Douglas McGregor. In "Artificial Intelligence in Structural Engineering" Ed. Ian Smith. pp 459 - 463 Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1998, ISBN 3-540-64806-2.

Telepresence - The Technology And Its Economic And Social Implications; Gordon M. Mair, "Technology and Society at a Time of Sweeping Change" Proceedings of the IEEE International Symposium on Technology and Society, pp 118 - 124, 20 -21 June 1997, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, (IEEE, IEE, BCS sponsored), ISBN 0-7803-3982-7.

An Experiment In Long Distance Telepresence Using ISDN2; G.M. Mair, R. Fryer, J. G. Heng, J. Clark, (University of Strathclyde), D. Sheat (BT Laboratories). Proceedings of Mechatronics '96 and M2VIP '96 Guimaraes Portugal 18 - 20 September 1996 (IMechE, DTI, and EPSRC sponsored)

Teleoperation Over Low Bandwidth Communication Links; Fryer, Mair, Clark, Heng. Proceedings of International Conference on "Remote Techniques For Hazardous Environments" Leicestershire, UK, 29-30 April 1996

Anthropomorphic Telepresence Systems - Design Issues; G. M. Mair, R.J.Fryer, J.G.Heng, J.Clark; Proceedings of "Interface 95", pp 126-135, Montpellier France 26-30 June 1995

An Experiment In Three Dimensional Telepresence; G. M. Mair, R.J.Fryer, J.G.Heng, (University of Strathclyde), G.Chamberlin (BT Laboratories); Proceedings of IEE Colloquium, London, 12 May 1995.

The Design of Mechatronic Anthropometric Sensor Platforms; G.M. Mair, G. Heng, R.J. Fryer; Published in "Mechatronics" , pp 291-296, The Proceedings of the Joint Hungarian - British International Mechatronics Conference, Sept. 21-23 1994 Budapest (IMechE, DTI, and EPSRC sponsored).

An Anthropometric Sensor Platform For Robotics and Telepresence; Fryer, Mair, Heng; SPIE/IS&T's International Technical Group Working Group Newsletter on Electronic Imaging; Vol4 No2 p7 July 94

Virtual Performance; G. Mair (Invited contribution) Article in Global international magazine Autumn 1996, pp18 - 21.

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