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Modified Alvis Wheelbarrow Mk 7B Bomb Disposal Vehicle

vehicle.jpg (24193 bytes)The original vehicle, provided by Alvis, has been modified by the group to allow operation and delivery of video feedback entirely over consumer grade mobile phones supplied by Orange. The system can be configured to use one or two mobile phones, with the latter option combining both phones to give increased bandwidth. This enables higher quality video to be transmitted to the user, and in the future should facilitate the addition of stereo video.

The most usual form of control is via a standard PC compatible laptop, which uses its LCD display to show the video feedback from the vehicle. The vehicle can be controlled from the keyboard of this laptop, although other methods such as and Active Chair System have been employed.

The vehicle was an integral part of the Tomorrow's World Live '98 show in the Birmingham NEC, where it proved itself in front of thousands of observers. It has also been controlled from several unusual locations, one of which being the passenger seat of a car travelling along the M8 near Glasgow!

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