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Arm System for Telepresence

Tamer Khalil is currently working on a robot arm system designed to enhance the telepresence experience. This is achieved by allowing the user to interact with the surrounding environment by manipulating objects remote from his location. See Tamer's Arm Page for an animated demonstration of his work.

Orange Videophone Demonstrator

Kenny Revie has been working with the SCT video compression group to produce a videophone demonstration system for Orange Plc.

Immersive Audio

Colin Harrison is investigating audio and its applications in immersive telepresence systems. Particular areas of interest include the acquisition and reproduction of binaural and three dimensional audio.

Stereo Video Compression

The use of stereo video has many benefits in telepresence and teleoperation systems, but would apparently require twice the bandwidth for transmission. However, through use of a stereo co-encoding system being developed by Roger Hardiman this overhead can be significantly reduced. As a side effect of this work Roger has done much to improve the functionality and performance of the FreeBSD Bt848 driver, which can be found here.

Motion Prediction and Intelligent Motor Control

Jennifer Clark is currently in the process of completing work on a motion prediction technique for telepresence and other human controlled robotic systems. The aim of this project is to allow greater functionality by increasing the effectiveness of such systems in the presence of delays. Additional steps have been taken to improve the control systems of telepresence robotic devices, using software and hardware techniques to allow them greater responsiveness in interactive situations.


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